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Cannot use as a global navigation menu for sites containing subsites


When implemented on a main SharePoint site (/) as a web part on a Master Page, the menu works fine for all pages under the main site; however, it breaks and throws exceptions to the log for all pages on all sub sites. If I create a Language and Menu list for every sub site and populate it with the same content as those on the main site, the menu system works. Is there any possible way that this control can reference the lists at the main site level so that it is truly a global navigation solution and doesn't rely on each sub site having the exact same lists with the exact same content as the main site?


OlympusConsulting wrote Jan 17, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Hi Andrew,

You have to activate the site collection feature on each subsite. This =
way the lists will be created automatically... but you will have to fill =
them again.

In case you are using SP Entreprise with variations, we are working on a =
new version without the language list feature.

We are planning to open a new online webpart store for Sharepoint. We =
invite you to visit it next week and discover some new great webparts:
Kind regards,
Olympus Consulting

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